Monica Lee and the Couch Choir are tackling some of the most pressing issues of the day for women: wine, chocolate, women peeing on public toilet seats, how to make lemonade, sexting… Join these ladies for a Girls Night In!

The American frontier, 1867: A young woman flees her war-torn home to start a new life in an unfamiliar land. A 13-song cycle of love, betrayal, and revenge sung by the ghost of Anna Morgan Faber.

This biographical musical combines theatre, cabaret, and dance to tell the story of the iconic Josephine Baker, the first African American international superstar and one of the most remarkable figures of the 20th Century.

Lift is a contemporary musical set in London’s Covent Garden Tube Station. The elevator ride takes one minute, but the journey inside takes us through eight lifetimes, allowing the characters to see and say things that might not otherwise …come up.

In his final concert, an old folksinger confronts his troubled past, his legacy, and death itself with five instruments, square-dance calls, and dirty jokes in this haunting, heartfelt hootenanny.